Cultural Events

There the variety of music and the literal folk tradition is revealed. In every popular festival you will experience unknown emotions by taking part or watching the ancient local dances, the different kinds of live music, the Sitian "kontilies" (the mastery of the lyre) and "mantinades" the old or improvised folk Cretan couplets, traditions in which Sitians the born revellers are unrivalled. Usually simple or casual meetings of locals or foreigners turn out to become a party.


Cultural festival from the beginning of July until mid August. Events include concerts of music, dance and theatre, exhibitions of fine art and photography, talks and sports events (eg. "Kornarios " road race, beach volley competition). Events take place outdoors in the Venetian fortress "Kazarma" and indoors at the "Polikendro". Events are also organized in the villages, such as "Kazanemata" (raki festivals) and Klidonas. The Council of Sitia organizes these events in order to encourage the cultural development of Sitia and to provide foreign visitors with an opportunity to get to know the customs and traditions of Sitia.

Festival of Agia Ekaterini

Religious festival in honour of the patron saint of Sitia (St. Catherine) on 25 Nov.  A road race around Sitia is traditionally organized after the event.

Corn Festival

A new event which takes place in the central square of Piskokefalo.  It includes concerts of music.

Village church festivals

The village festivals, which include traditional music and dance, take place every year on the following dates :
- St. Paraskevi 26/7 Ziros and Agia Triada 
- St. George 23/4 , in the ruins of the hamlet of Skalia, Sitanos
- St. Marina 17/7, Exo Mouliana and Mirsini.
- Prophet Ilias 20/7 Mesa Mouliana
- St. Panteleimona 27/7 Roussa Ekklisia, Hamezi, Schinokapsala.
- Metamorphoseos, 6/8, Exo Mouliana, Agio Stefano and Zakros.
- Panagia 15/8, Palekastro, Lastro, Piskokefalo, Tourloti, Sitanos.
- St. John 29/8 Ziros.
- Panagia 8/9 Lithines
- Holy Cross 14/9 Sfaka
- St. Sophia 17/9 Armenous
- St. Anna 9/12 Piskokefalo.
- Holy Trinity Palekastro and Agia Triada
- Holy Spirit Armenous

Sitia/Makrigialos/Itanos/Leyki Carnival

Organized every year on the last Sunday of Carnival. Schools, clubs and societies all take part.

Sitia county

On the Eastern coasts of Crete the predominant Sun, too strong to be ignored will be revealed to you. The power of the sunlight magnifies the visitor's senses.


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